Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Adam's plea

It might be true that we  tortured you people a lot...
But those were just fun... Actually we thought you enjoyed being teased...
But now that you people have completely made up your minds to screw us.. don't we deserve some pity..???

We know that eve teasing is a terrible experience... I mean was a terrible experience..
Now ...does that mean the Eves should start troubling the Adams..?
You must be knowing what we go through...

Are we safe to roam freely after sunset.. you just don't allow us to ..
Perhaps it makes us so concerned about our looks..every now and then we check the length of our trousers or the perfectness in the tucking of our shirts inside the pants..
Otherwise never know what you silly girls tend to call us.. weird names..SRK..KRK.....you don't even spare Dileep kumar..

Last Sunday ..while I passed through the chor gallii..those bully girls across the lanes...they just crossed the limits.. imagine they called me...oh ..I cant tell it so publicly...it so embarrassing ....how can you girls do this to us..!!!!

We just don't feel like travelling ... neither by train..nor by the bus....
the eves trouble us there tooo....

The way you stare at us...It feels so awkward.... its as if you are stripped in the crowd...

You girls... don't you have fathers and brothers..??
 Every guy is a brother of one among you..how would you feel if a lady teases your little brother??

Please stop this...our ancestors must have did the worst with your community.. but please don't punish this generation for their unknown sin..

It brought tears to my eyes when I read the worst news of a young boy gang raped by a group of evil minded girls...you even pushed out  a gentle man from a running train!! Imagine what they must have gone through...what their family must be going through..

The entire male species is fed up...spare us now...we plead guilty of troubling you in the past..wont ever do this to you..
Its high time to stop ....now Adam teasing is the worst social problem.. consider us..have pity on us...support us...

Ever imagined what happens if the girls decide it against you...???
we are completely fed up...
if the girls weren't patient and  forgiving by nature,,,the above would have been the experience of many a gentlemen on this earth...
Its high time to stop the  dominating male society to protest the eve teasing and other troubles that the females face...
If you people were to suffer this due to us...what would you do??? write a letter as above...??? then be ready...Because the girls may start the revenge any time...they r fed up of silently bearing the tortures


  1. Hello,

    I reached here through your comment. Your blog name looked familiar. I have a very good blogger friend and a very good writer Ramesh. His blog title is 'Global Madrasi'. He lives in the Dubai.

    By any chance do you know him?

    You have very very good blog.

  2. Hi ,sounds funny...but this is happening in some places here in the west I heard:)nice narration

  3. LOL...you have a nice sense of humor...wish some of the guys cud really think this way...

  4. @A: THANKS..


    @rads:thankyou..yups..agree wid u

  5. HI..Loved the thought. I've suffered enough during my days in India. Pan spat on me for fun..sister kicked in the tummy when she confronted the guy who groped her..Its time, we put some sense back in such guys.

  6. awareness by inducing fear & pepping it with humour. nice one! I too wish and pray for eve-teasing free world. Society needs lots of awarerness against eve-teasing and certainly punish the culprits. I wonder if movies encourage eve-teasing.

  7. Humour mixed with a nice social Message wonderfully portyaed!! Good one!!

  8. To outwit the lowlives who indulge in sexual harassment - and we know most men don't - girls need pepper sprays, sharp eyes, nimble footwork, being VERY vocal (if there are others around) and as many self defence moves as possible. Still, couldn't stop smiling at your flight of fancy. Just for a moment to imagine turning the tables on filthy paws that make a grab at you - Bliss!

  9. @gayatri; we need more brave women like your sister hehe.. I got a friend who grabbed such a guy to police station..

    @Rahul:We need more adams like you.. ! thanks for the visit
    about movies encouraging eveteasing.. I agree.. but we cant even ask the media to report an instruction: "eveteasing is a bad practice" after every such scenes :P

    @ thanks Deeps!

    @K. Mathur: even though girls carry all the above said features,, they still have to face this dilema..now its just a fantasy...who knows girls may eventually revenge it into a reality!??

  10. haha.. i do not know whether to laugh or cry.