Sunday, February 27, 2011


It was a Wednesday.,,,
I remember it perfectly...we had the activity class at school..
I hated the swimming sessions we had..But that day my hate was overlooked by my excitement..
I knew I am going to hear the worlds best news today at my return home!!
my mom's gone to the doctor!!!

Oops ...they calll it gynaecologist...

I wish she brings the news of welcoming a baby brother home..and I  trust my god...he will definitely grant my wish!!

My eyes were somewhat stationed on the clock ..

.. I never bothered missing the Disney show... neither did I go for my dance classes..what if mom comes home ..???
How can I be away when she brings the sweetest news..
The door opened only to find a gloomy face of my mom..I had never seen her so unhappy..her eyes looked as red as blood.. when I touched her cheeks,,they were wet..and her hands were trembling..Even dads face reflected tension and sadness

" Mom..no matter if I don't have a baby brother ...you please don't get upset.. I LOVE YOU..WE ALL LOVE YOU"

I was so confused when she grabbed me in her arms and I heard my mom cry loudly as never before..

Months passed after this incident ,, I got busy with my assignments and homework.. I promised god to share my building blocks and bicycle with my sibling..if he gives me a baby brother..I kept my fingers crossed!!

Gradually ,, I observed many changes in my mom.. her face grew more pale..her head was slowly turning bald..and the eyebrows...almost disappeared..

Today I had decided..to explore the truth.. I found out the address of the gynaecologist (this word is too big to pronounce).. and went straight to her hospital after school 
hours (i promise i did not bunk the swimming class!)

The gynaecologist was so young ,,, I thought she must be a weird looking lady with a grumpy face..but she was rather a beautiful lady with a sweet voice..
but I still don't know why she broke into tears when she saw me...

" what happened to my mom...after every time she visits you..she returns home with a bad mood..what do you tell her??"

"nothing,,,your moms all fine...see ..she will be recovering in few days.."

I don't want a baby brother if it causes so much trouble to my momm..OK? "

"hmm... I will try my best to reduce your moms trouble"

At the door,, I heard granny yelling at mom...

" How could you hide this from me??
I had told you to do the rituals at Trimbakeshwar...it was already written in your horoscope...deadly danger at 30.. but I never imagined it to be Cancer,,"



I have heard about in doordarshan...even the newspapers have it... the aunt next door once said that it kills the victim...

my mom is dying???

I returned...

"gynaecologist ,,,,,,gynaecologist......my Granny says......momm....cancer...."

I couldn't speak....the tears flowed right into my mouth and stopped my words

"not at all...who said..???
.nothing happened to your mom...shes fine"

" I know she isn't...save my mom please"

I did not taste the chocolates that she gave me...I dint bother to unwrap it...all I wanted to know was about cancer and its aftermath,,,

 I didn't see mom for months...even though the gynaecologist aunty called home a few times...mom never spoke through phone..perhaps she did not want me to hear her cancer stricken helplessness


everything seemed perfect ...all that I missed the softness at her chest when I hugged her..they had removed it..my mom survived breast cancer...

I know..it was the lady saviour who saved mom..she proved granny wrong...

Whatever you call her gynaecologist or gynaeclsist ..or perhaps doctor..
She is my God...she kept the word..
She is my lady saviour...
The one who granted my wish..
She is my god...
Even though I am not gonna have a baby brother,,,it doesn't bother me...now...
My lady saviour has solutions to every problem..
I will be a saviour like her one day..I will be a doctor...perhaps a

GYNAECOLOGIST...(yippee...I pronounced it correct this time!!)

This is a small story that I have wriiten in reference to the Get your story published in The Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul – Indian Doctors at BlogAdda

This is a true incident and I have wriiten this post through the view of the cancer patient's daughter..who still believes that the lady doctor who treated her mother is a true saviour... hope this story never bores you and find a place in your sympathy..
Hope this article was worth the time you spent here to read this...


  1. Each day innumerable men and women are diagnosed with cancer. It is a trauma to the victims & their kith n kin. It takes lots of inner strength to fight and survive.
    I thought its a well written & articulated article.Like the narration - it holds the attention and catches the interest. Keep going!

  2. Very well written story Rashmi. I could not move my eyes and brain away from the story even for a sec. Nice narrated and flows very good. Message is clear. I feel sorry for Cancer patients too but things are getting better. I personally know a lot of people who suffered and are suffering from cancer.

  3. Awwwwww....dats a cute story from the heart of a little one. Touched. Being one such daughter who lost her mother to the disease, i can understand the pain.....hmmmmmm. Hope some day we eradicate this disease:)

  4. @rahul: thank you
    @A: thank you..
    @CLOUD NINE: hmm we need to eradicate it before many mothers surrender to it..

  5. Madrasi- its late for me to be commenting on this post, but I am happy I read this now atleast. First of all, a big congratulations on making it to the book. The story is very well narrated and deserves to be in there. I loved your blog, its very honestly written. I think you should write more frequently (if possible). And I am touched by the way you call yourself Madrasi and still call Mumbai as your dear home.

    One suggestion - please keep the dots a bit less in your text. Try to write using normal punctuation marks (and not too many ellipsis). I hope you didn't mind that.

  6. @ vicky : thanks a ton!
    Yep.. i will surely try to blog frequently. Thanks a lot for the suggestion,and
    I will try my best to avoid the dots.
    please do tell give me more suggestions if you think my writing needs to be corrected!

  7. I wonder why they are not able to properly categorize cancer causing stuff and analyze what causes the disease in the first place. I mean, prevention is better than cure right?

  8. Writing stories from point of view of a little child is always intriguing. Brilliantly written article and you couldn't have chosen a better point of view to write the story.
    Cheers! :)

  9. Lovely write up .Dropping via K. parthasarthi's blog.
    Have a nice day .
    Hugs <3

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