Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Toooo NuMb to AcT

Sometimes we talk big things ...and later realize we are not even worth contributing a small penny..

As if many Indians speak out eradicating corruption,terrorism, and many such social enigmas..but hardly anyone  act..

Its quite easy to speak against these odds..but acting against them is just impossible...

We speak about the enemies of our society...KASAB,, MAULANA MASOOD......countless names...  There are many suggestions by the Indians all over the world..about what must be done with these people.

But we often fail to recognise some of the enemies of our country who are hidden amongst us..
May be because we are just not bothered about the small stone...we are too busy removing the rocks..

I came across one such person last week
I was attending a Music show in our city... It was a very big crowd..
at the end all the spectators were asked to stand up for the national anthem,,,
It was one of the proudest moment in my life... a crowd  of one lakh stood up ...and silently expressed their love for the country..

but there were these group of men in the next row of audience who didn't bother to sprain their muscles.They remained  seated for the entire 52 seconds...

That was resistible...but they didn't even bother keeping quite for a few seconds... they were constantly passing comments about the national anthem,,,

They were indeed strangers to me...but the hatred that i felt for them was something difficult to express in words..I felt helpless.. I could do nothing ,

even though I felt slapping them at their face,,, I was left helpless..

after the anthem ,,I spoke about it to my friends present there..but the reply was silly,,
" why do you bother them,,,None in the crowd around us spoke against them,,why you?? get going"

Aren't these people enemies of  India??..I am sorry that they are Indians!!!

there are many instances to these disrespect in our country..................once the Channawala packed me  the channas(nuts)  in INDIAN FLAG

I am helpless when I  am asked bribe by the officer to get my domicile documents...
I am helpless when my colleague gets eve teased..
I am helpless when I witness gender discrimination in my country,,

but I am aware that if we stand united...if we stay awake against these odds...we can change the country,,,,
all that it needs is too get united.... its our turn...the youth of our nation..to demand..to act...and to built a better nation..
Is it impossible when there are 540 million youth in our country??

I am too busy to care, but want to do something. Jaago Re and BlogAdda.com are helping me do my bit for the society.


  1. Nice post Madrasi...Much is to be done, but we simply don't know how to contribute. Regarding corruption, i hope the Lok Pal Bill is passed soon. But as for those thugs who did not stand up for the National Anthem, they are a disgrace to our nation. Shameful!

  2. Nice post Rashmi. Anti Corruption group is active about corruption issues, let us see what comes out.

    I would not worry about a small group who does not stand up to National Anthem. 99.999% Indians stand up.

    As you say focus on big as well as small issues..all issues.

  3. Nice post Rashmi. I typed a full comment and server crashed.

    Very good post. 99.999% Indians stand up on National Anthem so I would not worry about a small group.

    Anti Corruption lobby is becoming stronger.

    As you say focus on all problems - not just one or two.

  4. @cloud nine: hope so...the lok pal bill is something definetely important...
    and yes i agree with you about the ignorance of the citizence regarding how to contribute...

    @A: about the anti corruption group...all that we can say is...'lets see'..and you do have a point about the disrepect shown towards anthem..but still I did not feel gud...especially when those guys were passing wierd comments about the national anthem,,,