Monday, May 28, 2012


Now , This would be awesome imagining summer with Kyra.

Me: Oye wait! where are you going without the protection?!

 :  Protection? was I supposed to bring my bullet proof jackets..?!


  Me: I am ain't talking about the terror we mumbaikars experience, philal its the criminal there ,                  over the sky..He wont let you stay the same till monsoons babes, so take out your scarf,                        wrap you face!

:  I have my protection on dear, and hes not the culprit , Its you! Not the scarf, It should be       the sun Expert!


Me: Sun expert?! LOL.. Its Mumbai,,heat goes to 50s here, and above that humidity leads the game, Kyra, need my scarf?!

: No,Lets move..I m in,Lets explore your city, and bet you my sun expert will defeat your scarf!

Me: after few minutes , you would feel the heat, and don't blame me if you get tanned..Summers of mumbai are the best tanning agents

Me :abe ruk?! open hairs?! you are kidding me,, no scarf, no sunglasses and yeah all hairs in air,, this is something that will leave me repenting all summer

: , Summer is to live,, no matter if its the mumbai sun or any other place under the sun. how can you just allow a star to grab away your freedom.

Me :Freedom is fine, but not when my skin is tanned, I dont want to end up applying mulatani muti all day ..or frequent clean ups at the parlour.

: they are all fine, but not until you have your face left to workout on it.. remove your scarf and find it for yourself..You are fierce red at your face,,with all those sweat and dirt,, is this what you mean by protection from summer in mumbai?!

Me: Its not the heat , Its the humidity.

: then its not the sun, Its your ignorance for your skin..! scarfs and glasses don't work,,they dont work on sun protection factor, but experts do..they have it against the UVs, spots,ageing..

Me:Oh , then he looks like?!

Hot Sun! Royalty Free Stock Vector Art Illustration

Me:  I guess he needs the sun expert too!
     It was always my dream to live a care free summer, against the scorching heat,without fearing sunburns, tanning, and dullness

:    So what ,have it now, spend the day, hangout in the heat, rest sun expert will take care .Beaches, Cliffs, seaside and what not! Explore the nature .

Me: Imagine me exploring girgaon beach,,or who would love to spend an scorching afternoon at the marine lines.

: you can tune into your headphones at the seaside or have a fun volley with the friends..all that you need is a sun expert and a young heart! sometimes you dont have to go away  searching places to spend summers,, the besties in your city is all enough!

This was a  post written for Lakme Indiblogger contest!
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