Tuesday, May 29, 2012


She believed its just another nightmare, someone would soon wake her up and she would start living her dream again.
The place symbolized hell, damaged roof, dirty walls, dusty window panes, and she had found her place in the lonely corner amidst the chattering rats and lizards, a lifeless body , curled in solitude.


This wasn't the way she wanted her life to be. Rather Life was never kind towards her. Born to unknown parents, she spent her life worse than any orphan could imagine life to be.

Childhood never seemed pleasant, since It reminded her of the darkest phase of her life. What not did she do to earn her living, being a domestic help never let her escape the merciless men ,her  independence was always  mistaken as her helplessness. Still she survived.

She believed her life had a meaning, it had its own purpose, a messiah is somewhere soon to come to erase her sorrows and let her live peacefully.Like every other girl wished, she waited for the miracle in her life.

She waited for the care and protection of the loved one for whom she would be not just a take for granted orphan girl, but someone who could care and cuddle her like a child.

And then it rained, love, happiness, joy and what not she wished for her. she believed to be the happiest and most fortunate girl on earth.For he promised her everything. Love seemed boundless, as if all her pain had succumbed to this most beautiful feeling.She felt everything incomplete without him. She lived her life in his promises and words .  He was soon the world for her. Not just a messiah, he was her life

He promised her all joys of life. He promised to make life heaven for her, He asked her to come away with him. He had a different world waiting for her.And then his promises melted away her independence, her loneliness, her helplessness. ..and she blindly believed him. .For she was in love with her messiah.                                                                                                                                                               


She couldn't believe the dream that she was living now  . The night seemed long. She could feel the butterflies, she couldn't hide blushing, she was tired, for she never felt it before.

It was always her dream to wake lying across his chest with his arms around her, It was very natural and beautiful in her dreams, but now at the moment as she waited for him, his single breath tired her.

But then Fate had different plans . It wasn't him , but a merciless, cruel devil.
It wasn't  caressing,  It was forced.
It wasn't  love, It was the defeat,
It wasn't pleasure ,but screams and cries.

She was raped.


she was SOLD

He wasn't messiah..his promises seemed perfect antidotes to her Fate.

That wasn't her dreamland. neither the heaven he promised, It was just another Brothel,which destroyed the dreams of many a souls like hers.

They weren't souls , just reusable bodies, or commodities that satisfied customers.

and then she was a victim to another case of women trafficking



  1. Sad, what is happening out there. Females are reduced to mere commodities and the dreams are shattered every time. Very touchy post.

  2. touching post
    nice effective pics

    1. thnks.
      and about the pics,all courtesy to google :)

  3. I wonder how people can be so cold and heart less. This was really sad and touching.
    What pleasure do people get by tearing the lives of innocent people apart?

  4. Really Touched. pains to see what some people have to go through in their Life.

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  6. A good subject handled decently. Perhaps a little more care in choice and selection of words and construction of sentences can provide more power to the narrations.