Sunday, June 3, 2012


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Everything seems confused.As if you are completely aware of your destination, but the path remains unknown.
 All hopes withered.


As I hold the pen against this sheet of paper, the ink seems frozen
Either its the loss of words or the ceased mind.

My Last words that will be soon on these blank pages, and then they don't remain just lifeless papers, they will be soon called a  suicide note.

I can sense it approaching,I can feel the pangs of death, I can see the glowing pall, though I honestly wish I could live more. I never wished to end it this way,

It feels heavy to gather the last few words, to conceal my entire life and explain my helplessness in few words.

If death was an easy option, Living life would never be so difficult.


They still remain blank, clueless .

Neither it was decided, nor did it happen  spontaneously, gradually the pain grew inside me, and I was dying everyday

I can feel her heartbeat,Yes its her.Though I  have not yet given birth to her, I could feel the mother in me.
I can see the ruthless claws of death around her, ready to grasp her to end anytime.

 For any mere spectator, I am the happiest lady in the world, born with a silver spoon, grown in riches, married to the most eligible gentleman, and now to be a mother.


Suicide was something out of my mind, neither I gave it a thought till I realized it.

As these pages still remain blank, similar to my life, pale and meaningless.
these blank pages damped in my tears, reminds me of my state of mind, cold , blank and clueless

Doctors call It,



Though it was the most beautiful night in my life , It instilled a venom in me, destined to slow death, and now its her too , inside me

Perhaps ,that's why I don't want to bring her to this mean world, where all are just masked faces,  ruthless , and sombre.

It wasn't my mistake, but its me paying it off to his cruelty.
He could have avoided it,  But life is not always kind and generous.

To escape this pain, I find death the only option,

The pages still remain blank , for gathering your last word for your beloved ones, is difficult

Though they are blank, incomplete, they tell the story of my pain ,
 these blank pages damped in my tears

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  1. That was a profound narration. All the best for BAT.

  2. I was totally hooked on to it. Very gripping and sad indeed.. I wish there was a cure for AIDS.
    Great post as always :)

    1. Thanks for the comment Philo. Indeed its a sad fact that AIDS is cureless.

  3. Stunning post. Very well written with lovely flow of words. Don't we wish there was a cure to this disease...

    1. Thank you Nivedita. A cure to AIDS would be a boon to many a helpless AIDS diseased

  4. Very different to the other entries. Nice flowing narration.
    Best Luck for BAT:)

  5. I am speechless after reading your post....It deserves a lot of superlatives ..Not sure which one to pick....Awesome,Gripping and serious....Good Luck for BAT.

  6. That was a gripping narrative taking on a really grave topic.

  7. This is such a thought provoking write, its sad that someone has to suffer at the expense of anothers mistake. Though control measures have been bought for AIDS, there are something that are beyond human(or divine) intervention.

    Nice read. Thanks!

    Ciao!!! do stop by my blog, Kappu

    1. Thanks for dropping by:)
      Indeed a cure to this is the necessity of the moment

  8. Replies
    1. Thank you, no just for this post, for being a regular reader of mine:)

  9. Very sensitively written on a sensitive topic. Well done.

  10. wow. so powerful and gripping. great take on 'blank pages'
    kudos to you!

  11. Cancer and AIDS.. its so sad to see the victims suffer.

  12. Very interesting post and very sensitively written. I wish we had answers and solutions for a lot of situations.

  13. Nicely done.. Its an actor'ss mind (or a creator's) who takes pain of others into her own mind and writes about it..

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  15. A good expression of ideas. The way you went around was commendable.