Thursday, June 28, 2012


Please read Silent love here before reading this, In case you find Any similarity, yes this is the second part, or the teaser to the second part, and  I am very sorry for the being late in continuing the series :)

The seasonal July rains not only blossomed the lilies in her garden, but it ceased the storm of mixed thoughts in her mind.
His tensed face flashed across her mind frequently, 
The concern he had for his class mate.
Those eyes which symbolized  the dark clouds waiting to burst into a heavy downpour.
She almost melted in those hazel eyes
Few days ago he was juts another egoist spoiled brat who could be spotted at top bars and pubs in the city, surrounded by the so called , I am your girl tonight chic,
She loathed him and anything related to him annoyed her.
But these rains seemed to wash them away..her hatred.
She had started admring the cover, too beautiful to browse the pages inside.
The pages still remain blank, though she could feel the story that was to be soon written on them
And then it was a new chapter, untitled and the words yet to be penned....

Then the unnamed feeling
It comes alive
Then the unnamed feeling
Treats me this way
And I wait for this train
Toes over the line
Then the unnamed feeling
It takes me away, it takes me


  1. Beautifully written. Waiting for the story that is to be written soon.

    Just read your “Silent Love”. I have one question. I thought the word “cute” is used only to describe girls. For boys, it is “handsome”. May be I am wrong.

  2. Thanks SG :)
    Actually I have written this very lightly, did not take a heavy note on words since I have tried to enact it as simple as any girl would feel about her crush , and cute is a word we often use no matter a guy or a girl,
    thanks for ur suggestion:)

  3. amazing 3D image..wer do you get those?

  4. Great :)
    Just like a century in a debut.....
    good work well begun, don't go anywhere, even if he takes you away, get some permission
    MUMBAI needs you :P

    1. LOL!
      thanks Mr.Tendulkar :P
      yep, i am not goin anywhere bfore IBL ends :P!

  5. Though the feelings have been expressed, it is muted and soft.Is there a sequel to this to fill the blank pages?

    1. Thank You Sir,
      there a sequel , soon to be published .

  6. First time here , and voila .. I shud have been here earlier ..

    well new chapter is a new beginning .. and I guess if we have patience then words will come ...


    1. Thanks a ton Bikramjit.

      Yes with patience, we reap happiness.

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks Ashwini:) Hope your health is better now :)

  8. Beautiful babes...Loved every word:)) Keep writing...Waiting for the sequel!

  9. Super..cool. Awaiting the sequel.

  10. Absolutely brilliant. Are you by any chance a malayalI/.. I AM ALSO A HOPELESS romantic.:) Cracking Post. Amazing blog!..Following..