Sunday, July 1, 2012

DamnHair In Distress


Any of the fine threadlike strands growing from the skin of mammals and other animals.,(at least that's what thesaurus has to say!

healthy hair means hair that is strong without any breakage, that shines and is smooth to slip away at fingers...

Indeed true, but not if your hair is the reason of your self hatred.Hair was always my first excuse for not getting ready in time for any occasion.

Every day I end up holding those split ends amidst my fingers to see a frown face at the other side of the mirror

 My dreadful hairy tales finds its source way back since my kindergarten..Those days it covered my forehead with few strands at the centre falling across my eyes, Though my elder cousins found it cute, I hated it..
I always envied the guys, who had short hairs and could escape from the oiling and combing session (err hair pulling sessions ) by mom.

All thanks to my mom for the forced oil sessions and proper shampoos.
Vitamins and nourishment in the shampoos were not much bothered, the sole purpose of using shampoos was for cleaning the scalp.

As I grew up, my ignorance increased, I cared least about my hair,  for the sole purpose of cleaning hair, sometimes my dads shampoo too came handy, I never knew I will  have big hair problems to regret in future.

My hair gradually became dry and stiff.
I could no more try the trendy haircuts, nor leave hair open .
Good hair was something that existed in the shampoo adds on Tv,

And one fine day, at college, there was a discussion about hair care, and hair products.My classmates flaunted  their brands and showcased specimen to support their favorite hair products, yep most of them had, smooth,silky shiny,,S..S...etc etc hair. And I had only one S....shame.
Ashamed of my damaged, dry hair, I had no clue of what Should be done

I researched, over the internet ( yes that's where I first run for help ) :P,  I could recollect some of my classmates suggesting the mildest shampoo, Dove, and voila, my mother too used it.

So better late than never, I   started the mission..HAIR TREATMENT :P

Yes , I began with the most tradition hair pack,, Egg white.
I applied egg white to my hair, once every week, and nourished it with my new found treasure, DOVE

I trusted the shampoo blindly, because Dove soap has always been my first choice, The name was all enough to describe Its quality :)
SO this time I chose a better shampoo, I never cared hoe vitamins and nutrients in a shampoo helped hair, Rather I was sure,If my mom Prefers Dove, Its the best.

Another pack that came to my rescue was the coconut milk+ honey, applying this to your hair, is the best conditioning that you can give to ur hairs, yes thats my Sunday hair pack, and It Helps...

This is not a story of the Past,,Hardly a month ago, I felt embarassed at thecollege incidnt, and today am happy with the changes I experience in my hair, and yea I got a new haircut tooo..and I no more keep combs and clips handy, My hair is free, I dress It the way I wish!

I am in love with my hair,,,and Dove was the End of my Hair problems! 

that was the end of my hair problems!

PS: Its a true story! thanks DOVE :))) 

This post is written for the Indiblogger and dove

and that was the end of my hair problems! contest...


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