Saturday, September 25, 2010

TO ALL THE DAUGHTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its daughter's day tomorrow .
Even though there are many parents around me organizing various celebrations around ,though I find it difficult to digest the significance of this day. The question that remains unanswered is whether this day is worth a celebration?
Being a daughter myself I would like to wish all the Daughters a HAPPY DAUGHTERS DAY.

Happy daughters day to all those unborn daughters who witness death right in their mother's womb.

Happy daughters day to all those mothers who support female infanticide , since it's always a son who completes the family. LET ME ASK YOU ONE QUESTION:
weren't you a daughter some day?

Happy daughter's day to all the daughters who had to become a wife before she could complete the role of a daughter.Who says child marriage is abolished from the country.
Then justify the TRP's an T.V. soap receives because of this concept.
Justify the tragedy of girls who embrace motherhood at an younger age.
Justify the story of a bride who met her groom on the wedding day..even though she was married to him at age 9.

Happy daughters day to all those daughters who are not allowed to chose her own love,,,her own life.
Thanks to the community for  her helplessness to chose between love and family....in fear of the life she has to lead with another stranger.

Happy daughters day to all those daughters who had to face the dark clutches of the demon,,,'RAPE'.
no matter what you name it,,, molestation, harassment etc etc. the pain remains the same...for her unknown mistake she is the one disapproved by the society while the demons roam around freely.

Happy daughters day to all those daughters who remains helpless when her prestige an decency gets misinterpreted . Thanks to the eve teasing champions!!!
Name at least one parent who is not worried to allow their daughters move outdoors after 10 in the night, no matter whether it is a city or a village.
I believe that there is no woman in this world who has escaped this disaster.It remains as an unwanted piece of harsh experience in her life.

Happy daughters day to all the daughters who are forced to sell themselves for a living.
If prostitution was a sin, why aren't they saved from the clutches of the cruel men.

Happy daughters day to all those who feel that a woman's freedom of speech is limited.
when a lady spoke of premarital sex she had to face many wraths...but when a guy spoke about it ,,it was his intelligence and concern for the society .

Happy daughters day to all those daughter who still fear their life for the slavery they have to face due to Dowry system and other social hazards like polygamy......

Happy daughters day to all those daughters who are proud to be a women in spite of all these odds...............




  1. beauty of a post madrassi

    happy daughters day to u

  2. Excellent. Super. Happy Daughters Day to you.

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  4. @ the solitary writer: thanks a lot. :-)

  5. I didnt even know abt the concept of Daughter's day...
    poignant story of some of the daughters ... beautifully penned.

  6. stupid are the people who do not appreciate you

  7. thanks a lot Rajlakshmi,, :-)

    @sagar: thanks...this is not only the case of a single woman in our country..infact these are the disasters faced by everyone,,very few cases are exposed to the outside world.

  8. well I am late.. still happy daughter's day to all women.
    I was not knowing about it... but my dad called me and wished the same... that moment was awesome... :)

  9. hi madrasi ...iam new here .i caught u at "global madrasi" s blog .nice write up on daughters.

  10. @Sweta: thanks a lot....truly ,,It simply feels grt when parents surprises us on such ocassions...on sunday,,my dad woke me up by wishing me a wonderful daughters day,,,and that made my day! !!!

    @raji: Thanks a lot......

  11. i should have greeted my daughters..anyway they r spl for me on all days...what say? good post buddy