Sunday, November 25, 2012

I Live in India

Disclaimer: Not intended to hurt political or religious sentiments. Apologies before hand ( And yeah no pun intended in the disclaimer).

I live in the  assumed to be democratic country called India.

I live in a country where I may need a lawyer anytime if  I am managing to have an Internet connection or planning to use  my freedom of expression over Internet.


I Live in a country where kissing in public is an offence but pissing in public is all okay.


I live in a country where watching porn over internet is much safer than updating or tweeting what's in my mind.

I live in a country with a big history of invasions, no matter what you call it, Mughals, British or Globalisation.

I live in a country where people stay hungry and helpless not just because of  poverty but perhaps that's our new way to get our demands done (ode to the father of the nation)

I live in a country where we have garbage corners ( not a dispose bin )

I live in a country where you can expect a downpour any time where you may end up with garbage pile over your head( thanks to easy window garbage disposal techniques used here)

I live in a country where we re elect the same government again and later continue blaming them for inefficiency .

I Live in a country, where we prefer a leader who can manage us a free TV or cable connection, or may be a brand new car for electing them.

I live in a country of crores of Gods , demigods, Super Gods, human gods. Our gods will raise my salary if I guarantee them a continuous free milk supply, or a basket of candles or even a bunch of bananas.( now you know the root of corruption at our place)( disclaimer: not intended to hurt religious sentiments)

No we don't bribe, we just give them chaay paani

I live in a country with a principal of  ATHITHI DEVO BHAVA, no matter if you are a terrorist or a prime minister.

I Live in a country where you are reserved, if you are into a so called low caste. No matter what's your financial status or academic merits.

I live in a country where inter caste marriages are  against the tradition, leave alone homosexuality.

I Live in  INDIA

 ON a funny note: I found it really innovative :P

all images courtesy : GOOGLE :)


  1. LOL..I agree esp about kissing..but Bandstand mei you can see what you can't see elsewhere :P

    And btw I love the newwy template :D

    Take Care.

    1. heya thanks Fati..
      Uh the Bandstand view,,, that's Mumbai's only speciality :)

  2. Barak Bhau Obama

    now thats called Indianization. :)

    and yeah, I am an fellow Indian.

    1. Yeah, 'Suicidal Indianization'

      good to have this fellow Indian on ma blog :)

  3. liked the post and that pic too .
    and yes every point of the post shows that we are good at something..:P

    1. Thanks Sumukh
      Yeah and that goodness makes us Indians.

  4. yeah I live here too and know the feeling :)

    1. Thanks CS.
      Yep, we are fellow Mumbaikars , so bound to know the feeling

  5. One thing looks sure: Nitinbhau Shinde is going to be the next president of USA.

  6. Very well written. Please also add:

    I live in India where we successfully test fire supersonic interceptor missile while millions live without a roof over their heads.

    1. true, A country where lots of money is invested in the areas least urgent.
      Thanks for the read and the suggestion SG :)

  7. Good one;) Translation of last poster please...

    1. Thanks CN. The poster is regarding congratulating Mr. Obama ( referred as bhau aka brother in Marathi).

  8. I, too, live in a country where violence doesn't hurt religious sentiments, but absence of disclaimers does.

    Good one!! :D


    1. This comment sums it up :p

    2. Thanks Indolent Insomniac. Very true, Apologies and disclaimers stand more important than statements here

      DEV : :P

  9. mera bharat mahaan.. It is a pity that people dont realise.

    my dad use to say "kya banega is desh ka".. and it is true we are running downhill .. hope people wake up